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Wednesday 28th June

  Heaphy Room 1
Heaphy Room 2 Heaphy Room 3
0900-1230    Registrar Training (0900-1300 hrs)
Cardiovascular Nurses Symposium (1000-1200hrs)

 Cardiac imaging for Cardiology trainee, Josh Martin


EP for Cardiology trainees, Matthew Webber

Bridging between us: networking within CV Healthcare, Simon Stewart

Bridging the access gap: Remote cardiac rehabilitation, Rosemary McGoldrick

Bridging the gap between primary and secondary care, Renee McEwing


Intervention / research for Cardiology trainees, Alan Yeung

Bridging the theory/ practice gap.  
The role of and how to perform multidisciplinary audits in cardiology, Sarah Dixon

Integrated care in AF for nurses and allied health professionals: what it is and what it isn’t, Jeroen Hendriks

Bridging the gaps between and within disciplines.
Advanced Nursing Practice – Skills and Knowledge Framework, Andy McLachlan


New Zealand Heart Foundation grants for overseas fellowship, Gerry Devlin 

Overseas fellowship, Marcus Lee

    (12pm-1pm includes lunch)

1300-1500 Imaging Working Group Acute Coronary Care Working Group NHF/Secondary Prevention 

Results of the SCANZ3 echocardiography snapshot audit, Belinda Buckley

Case presentation, Andrew To

Developing CTCA in the regions, Mark Davis


A decade of progress in the management of STEMI,  John Elliott

How should we manage LV thrombus; need for a trial? Ralph Stewart


Overcoming barriers to effective secondary prevention: choosing the right time, place and content, Simon Stewart

Bridging the secondary prevention gap, Fraser Hamilton 

Bridging the evidence gap - what we know and what we do, Jocelyn Benatar


Case presentation, James Pemberton

Middlemore Anaesthetic Echo Clinic experience, Johanna Karpik and Sarah Schluter

Case presentation, Alex Sasse

Cardiac Imaging Group Business Meeting

 Do we need new bleeding risk models? Andrew Kerr

Total or partial revascularisation in STEMI, Jithendra Somaratne

What LDL should we aim for after ACS? Harvey White

Impoverished choices and responsibilities for health, Darrin Hodgetts and Kerry Chamberlain 

Nurse-led cardiac rehabilitation clinics – An ADHB experience, Yvonne Johansen 

Nurse-led cardiac rehabilitation clinics – A rural experience, T.V. Liew and Cate Shepherd

1530-1730 Heart Failure Working Group
Interventional/SHD Working Group
Heart Rhythm Working Group

Critical barriers to equitable access to health care in chronic heart disease, Simon Stewart

Regional differences in HF service demand and delivery, Raewyn Fisher

New Zealand Heart Failure Registry – Making it happen, Jennifer Goodson

Bio absorbable stent scaffold - current and emerging clinical evidence, John Ormiston

 Structural heart disease intervention - how is it different, Sanjeevan Pasupati 

 Alternate site RV pacing, David Heaven

Shocking fashion – Lifesaving attire, Nigel Lever

Pacific Islands Pacing Services(PIPS) moving forward, Dean Boddington

Initial results from the national physiologist and sonographer workforce survey, Sharron Denekamp 


Heart Failure Working Group Position Statement: Standards for delivering heart failure care in New Zealand, Simone Inkrot

Heart Failure Working Group Business Meeting

Interventional/SHD Working Group Business Meeting


 HRNZ Annual Business Meeting


1700-1730 Affiliates AGM
1800-1930 Welcome Reception and Poster Viewing, Exhibition Hall A


Thursday 29th June

  Heaphy Room 1
Heaphy Room 2 Heaphy Room 3



National Heart Foundation Lecture: Bridging the Gaps: Opportunities and Challenges, Rob Doughty


Young Investigator Presentations

The role of computed tomography coronary angiography in the management of suspected acute coronary syndrome, Adele Pope 

IMPACT: Improving coronary graft Patency with postoperative Aspirin and Clopidogrel versus Aspirin and Ticagrelor, Pavan Thaneeru

Contemporary natural history of patients with severe and moderate to severe aortic regurgitation, Mehul Lamba

1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1230 Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Primary and Secondary Care
Imaging / Structural and Valves 
Affiliate Abstracts

Challenges of CVD Prevention in Primary Care, Tim Stokes

Valve intervention: present to future, Alan Yeung

Interventions at  nurse specialist clinics for cardiac rehabilitation patients at Auckland District Health Board: A 3 month snapshot, Susan Reed


Challenges of Secondary Prevention, Ralph Stewart

Cardiac imaging for structural disease, Alex Sasse

The impact of health literacy on the health outcomes of the heart failure population, Renee McEwing


High-intensity statin prescribing following acute coronary syndrome at Wellington Hospital, Ben Wilkins

Effects of Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty on the severity of Concurrent Mitral Regurgitation, Mariusz Wolbinski

Nurse-facilitated elective cardioversion pathway using procedural sedation, Yvonne Tindall

Ticagrelor use and the “treatment risk paradox” in elderly patients with acute coronary syndromes, Ben Wilkins

Left atrial appendage closure versus medical management. Wellington Regional Hospital 2 year experience, Ben Wilkins

Fatu Ola: Closing the gaps with home visits, Lani Ioelu

Prescribing performance after ACS – refinement of an ANZACS-QI composite medication indicator, Chethan Kasargod Prabhakar


A joint Cardiology and Palliative Care clinic for end stage cardiac patients with a novel approach for improving quality of care across the Primary and Secondary care interface, Jane Clarke


Medtronic Lunch Symposium - The TYRX™ Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope for Implantable Medical Devices, Martin Stiles (1250-1320hrs)
CSANZ Committee Meeting (1230-1330hrs)

1330-1500 Sudden Cardiac Death and Genetics 

Molecular Genetics: How it Helps the Clinician, Donald Love

Addressing mental health co-morbidities within a “carved-in” teamwork model, Leona Didsbury 


Investigation of SCD in NZ, Martin Stiles

Renal Disease, Helen Pilmore




 Are we missing cardiac syncope? A five-year single-centre experience from a dedicated syncope clinic in New Zealand, Ibrahim Al-busaidi

Right Heart Catheterisation - Why and When, Harry Gallagher


Poor actual availability of publicly accessible automated external defibrillators limit their value in the treatment of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, Thalib Mowjood

Associations between socio-demographic factors and the frailty syndrome in New Zealand elderly with Cardiovascular Disease, Ashley Boniface


Ticagrelor use and platelet reactivity in Maori and diabetic patients with acute coronary syndromes, Ren Yik Lim

Prognostic benefit of myocardial perfusion imaging in end stage kidney failure, Iain Miller

1530-1700 Ischaemic Heart Disease
Electrophysiology and Heart Failure 

Anti-platelet and anti-thrombotic therapy in ACS, Alan Yeung

Heart Failure Treatment:  Barriers between evidence and practice, Simon Stewart


LMS Disease – Leave it, it’s mine. Intervention, Jim Stewart
LMS Disease – Leave it, it’s mine. Surgery, Adam El Gamel

Devices for HF, Iain Melton





Improving Care processes for patients with possible suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome (ICare-ACS): A national implementation trial of a clinical guidance framework, Sally Aldous

Trastuzumab Cardiotoxicity: Incidence, risk factors and the role of cardiac monitoring – The Auckland City Hospital Experience, Mohammed Alawami


Rural inequity in STEMI treatment can be addressed by implementation of the New Zealand National STEMI pathway, Tammy Pegg

Insights into the presentation of myocarditis in New Zealand; a 10 year audit, Bernard Wong




Cocktail Function and Awards Evening


Friday 30th June

  Heaphy Room 1
Heaphy Room 2 Heaphy Room 3

ANZACS QI User Group Meeting , Network Lounge


Astra Zeneca Breakfast Symposium

Mind the Gap – Applying evidence based medicine and guidelines. Recommendations to real-world ACS patients, Tammy Pegg, Nelson Hospital and Patrick Kay, Middlemore Hospital

0900-1030 Gaps in CV Disease Stroke: Treatment and Intervention 
Affiliates Programme  

The challenge of the evidence –practice gap in ethnic and rural communities, Vicky Cameron

Stroke in New Zealand, Peter Wright

Bridging the gap between knowing and doing. New strategies to improve physical activity/exercise, Sarah Mooney


Gender gaps, Fiona Stewart

Intervention for stroke, Phil Matsis

Bridging the physiology – psychosocial gap.
Mental barriers to adherence to lifestyle changes, Iris Fontanilla


Bridging age gaps in CVD, Matthew Parsons

Anticoagulant therapy, Harvey White

Bridging the physiology - psychosocial gap.
Resilience & coping, Liz Painter


Variation in care in New Zealand, Andrew Kerr

Stroke risk beyound chads-vasc, Daniel Garofalo


Bridging the hospital/community gap. Coordinating device therapy, Kellie Timmins

1030-1100 MORNING TEA
1100-1230 Multidisciplinary Care Lifestyle

The Heart Failure Team, Simon Stewart

Sexual health of couples after Cardiac events, Helen Conaglen


Why you must have an AF team, Jeroen Hendriks

Behaviour Modification for the Health Professional, Jo McClintock


The Heart Team, Murray Hart

Nutrition, Dave Monro


Acute decompensated heart failure: identifying gaps to bridge, Mayanna Lund

Co-existing Obesity and Atrial Fibrillation in the Midland Region: A retrospective study of atrial fibrillation patients (COAST), Monica Garrett


Aortic Stenosis Registry Wellington Hospital; Balloon aortic valvuloplasty (BAV) outcomes 2009-2016, Matthew O'Connor

Snapshot of number of smokers 2010-2016 in Tauranga Hospital since the introduction of annual increment in tobacco taxation levies, Kok Lam Chow

1230-1330 LUNCH
1330-1500 Bridging gaps between data and practice Interesting Cases  

Big data  in cardiology: how useful is it? Alan Yeung

Effects of balloon aortic valvuloplasty on left ventricular reserve, Mariusz Wolbinski  


How can integrated AF care contribute to big data? Jeroen Hendriks

Coronary steal by LIMA bypass graft side-branches: Physiologic functional evaluation and coil embolization, Mesfer Alfadhel


Stroke and cardiovascular outcomes for patients with atrial fibrillation in the community – an opportunity for improvement? Katrina Poppe

Percutaneous direct transapical approach for left ventricular procedures, Mesfer Alfadhel


Suspected ACS Patients admitted and discharged to cardiology or non-cardiology care in Auckland City Hospital: Insight from SNAPSHOT 2012 and implications for future national data collection, Tom Kai Ming Wang

A case of OCT elucidating coronary plaque rupture in patient with coronary angiography with no culprit lesion post STEMI, Ren Yik Lim


Analysis of clinical randomised trials at a major cardiology meeting, Tom Kai Ming Wang

Echocardiography screening for sub-clinical takotsubo following an earthquake, Steve White

1530-1700 Specialty Cardiology for the Generalist

Arrhythmias, Jamie Voss


Pacemakers, Andrew Martin


Imaging, Josh Martin


ACHD, Clare O'Donnell


Heart Failure, Mayanna Lund



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