Top tips to secure funding to attend CSANZ NZ 

To assist you in receiving funding to attend the CSANZ New Zealand ASM, we have put together a list of ‘Top Tips’ on how to convince your employer to send you to this years ASM. 

Whether you’re interested in speaking or just attending the CSANZ New Zealand ASM 2018, these great tips will improve your chance of securing the financial support needed to register.

TIP 1. Plan to bring new knowledge back to your department

Plan to bring the knowledge you gain back to your colleagues.  Benefit your entire department by sharing your notes, or commit to leading a “lunch ‘n learn” group meeting.

TIP 2. Stress the credentials of the Meetings great speakers

This is especially effective for first time attendees or attendees whose supervisors aren’t yet aware of the CSANZ New Zealand ASM. Highlighting plenary and continuing education speakers’ credentials will go a long way to helping you attend. Please click here to view the program, and click here to view the keynote speakers.

TIP 3. Start soon

Funding applications take time.  Increase your chances by starting early enough to make a strong application with plenty of supporting evidence. 

TIP 4. Emphasize the CPD points you will receive

CPD points will be available to Meeting attendees. Gaining CPD points not only helps your organisation keep up with the pace of change but adds value to you as an employee too, increasing your qualifications and ability to move internally in your organisation. 

All delegates at the ASM are emailed a Certificate of Attendance after the ASM which they can use as proof of attendance and to claim CPD points. It is up to the delegate to ascertain the number of points that their accrediting body will allow them to claim for attendance at the ASM. 

TIP 5. Focus on the opportunity of shared learning

Stress how you can learn from peers who have overcome the same challenges you’re facing. Don’t waste time and resources reinventing the wheel. The networking break conversations, the Welcome Function and session discussions are great for fact finding discussions and new ideas that you can take back to your department.

TIP 6. Offer to connect with suppliers of interest or learn about new technologies

View the Meeting sponsors and exhibitors to show your employer which companies will be attending and network with the suppliers your department is most interested in to create valuable connections.

TIP 7. Reduce the costs with Member, Student and Concessional Discounts

Take advantage of discounted rates if you are a student or a member of CSANZ.

TIP 8. Reduce the costs with the Earlybird registration discount

Take advantage of discounted Earlybird rates. Earlybird registration closes 6 April.. 


Click here for more details on how to register


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